4 Ways to Self Reflect in 2020.

I think we can all agree that 2020 has been a year we will remember for our lifetimes. It has been interesting, at times scary, a time for change and reflection – and we are only halfway through!

This year is going into the history books for sure!

Before the Corona Virus, I feel like we have all being living on autopilot. We have all been caught up in the hustle and bustle of life with no time to really reflect on our lives. There is a lot of heaviness in our world today – being in a pandemic and in the middle of a civil rights movement. We should refocus, readjust, and realign ourselves during this time. This time has given us the opportunity to stop, take a moment, and reflect.

We are entering a new world. It’s like the universe is telling us to stop what we are doing; it’s holding up a mirror for us to pay attention to what is happening right now. We need to reflect, we need to pause, we need to take a moment.

So, with all this heaviness happening all around us I wanted to share some ways you can manage through it. How you can take this time to reflect & pause – and hopefully come out of this with some real good self reflection.

Grab your journals! If you know me, I am all about journaling and know that it has a lot of potential for us to grow as individuals. So, write down your thoughts on each of these points, and if your feeling up to it share your thoughts with me! I would love to hear from you.

#1 How are you spending your time?

I think we have created a badge of honor for being the busiest person, being so busy that it has become this weird value we hold on to. A value that we compete against each other to say who is busier, who is achieving more or not achieving enough, or who is doing all the things and still keeping it together.

I want you to think about how you are spending your time. I don’t believe that we are meant to be scattered around, like a whole bunch of busy people. I think that we want meaningful connections, conversations, and relationships. So ask yourself, “how am I spending my time?”

Are you spending it wisely? Are you spending it in a way that actually gives back to you? Are you benefiting yourself for the time you spend? Or are you giving out more than you are getting in return? There needs to be some beneficial input, not just output.

#2 What are you focusing on?

So many people struggle with focus and not being able to focus on things, not being able to find the motivation. Is it because you’re just giving your focus away to all the things all at once?

Here’s the thing, we can’t have “priorities”, with an “S” at the end. Look up the definition of priority – it means on above all. So you can’t have multiple “priorities”. If you’ve got 10 things, 20 things, or more on your priority list – how do you even accomplish that? It’s impossible to have that kind of focus on something that has too much energy going out.

Think about refocusing on a priority, just one. Now, you can break it down into timelines – this month, the next 3 months, 6 months, or a year. But you cannot be the doer of all the things all the time, it will drive you into the ground!

#3 How and where are you spending your money?

Money has a lot of power. It holds a lot of energy. And where we put our money, how we spend it holds a lot of power and energy too. During this pandemic there has been a lot of talk about supporting small community businesses, to help them survive through this unprecedented time. Any major corporation such as Walmart or Target will have no problem surviving this. And small businesses rely on the community to help them through it. So yes, how and where you spend your money has a lot of power and energy.

Because our transactions and money have become so digital now, money has become this abstract thing. We don’t even physically see that our money is being used. Money can also become a source of a ton of conflict – in our relationships, as parents, in our communities – we need to think about what we are doing with our money in the same way that we think about the way we spend our time. Is it benefiting us? How is it benefit us? How could it be affecting us in a negative way?

#4 What does your quality of life look like? How do you want it to look?

Take a moment to think about your quality of life. Think about the hustle and bustle, what is that all about? What is it moving you towards?

This heaviness that we feel in the world can be an opportunity to pause. I know that previous to the Corona Virus a lot of us were in this never-ending hustle of movement, doing all the things all the time, not having much time for a break. For me, having to work from home and not being social, not going out has really made me pause and reflect on my own quality of life. The quality of my relationships and who I am associating with. And how those relationships are meaningful connections to me. If you don’t feel like you’re at the quality of life that you want then what are you going to do to get there? It doesn’t have to done overnight. It can be small steps that move you in the direction you want.

As we enter this new world we might try to use our old ways – that’s going to cause a lot of internal conflict. It’s going to rub up against you and it’s not going to feel great. So this is a time to realign our lives a little bit – let go of the things that we need to, add on some things that add value to our lives. We are given the opportunity to pause and really think about what we want in our lives, and what we want our lives to look like.

So please, take a pause and do some reflection because you deserve it. You deserve to have a fantastic life, a life of quality and love and connection. We are here for more than just working all the time and being busy all the time. I encourage you to spend some time reflecting and thinking of how you can pivot just a little bit to realign, readjust, and refocus your life.


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