Three Self Care Practices You Need For Your Morning Routine.

Similar to you, I have had to shift how I go about my life and the ways I practice self care. When the gyms were closed, I settled into waiting for them to reopen, I gave myself permission to take a little ‘gym vacation’ – however; I let this ‘vacation’ mindset spill into the rest of my life. I lost track of what filled me up and somehow convinced myself that this was just life now – sound familiar?

I decided to step up and make a choice to choose me. I know who I am and I know I need to sweat my ass off and eat food that fuels my body – this is where I find my bad-ass self and was I ever missing her!! I got over myself, grappled with my ego and I embraced working out in my garage. A place where I could always choose me even on the busiest days.

Self-care is a practice. And it comes with bumps in the road (ahem, COVID). How you approach self care is 100% up to you! It isn’t something that magically occurs on its own. It’s not something you can do once and be “fulfilled”. Self care is a practice, it requires time and dedication. It also requires looking into yourself and finding the things that fill you up!

With practice comes commitment and with commitment comes curiosity! Why curiosity? It’s simple, we need to check in with ourselves and get curious about what fills us up and what doesn’t – when was the last time you checked into you?

It will look VERY different for all of us, so I encourage you to get curious and think about what really fills you up! It may seem easy to fill up by buying things, pampering yourself, or indulging in your favourite treats – all of which are AMAZING (no question there), but do these things really fill you up? (The treats may fill your belly but that’s not what I’m getting at here…) But do they really lift your spirits? Do they refuel your soul? Are you a better you after you’re done with it?

We always hear about how important it is to take care of ourselves but who knew it took practice, commitment, and curiosity? When you think about self care as something that needs to be practiced does that change the way you approach it, or how you go about taking care of yourself? When you realize that self care means doing the things that YOU want to refuel your soul, does that change your perspective?

IT IS ALL ABOUT REFUELING, so we can be ready and grounded to check back into life and all the responsibilities we hold. Self care is NOT selfish, it is needed and required in order to show up as our best self. What does re-fueling look or feel like for you?

Whatever you have been doing or not doing to take care of yourself I ask you this – is it working for you? If not, change it, choose yourself and try something new! Self care is often seen as extravagant practices that ‘they’ say we all ‘should’ be doing but who has the time and money for it?! Forget that!! Who the hell are ‘they’ anyways?

I believe self care can be practical tasks. Tasks that set you up for feeling grounded and focused. For me, preparing for my week is one of my much-needed self care practices! Things like grocery shopping, food prep, laundry, etc. Nothing extravagant, but very much needed to stay grounded and focused for the week ahead.

How do you usually start your week? Are your scrambling to find what you need? Rushing around feeling like a tornado? Maybe even wearing some of your breakfast or coffee? Focus on a morning routine that will have you harness your day rather than getting kicked in the ass every time!

Why is the morning routine so important? Think about it…

When you’re rushing around in the morning, running late – how many other things go wrong? We get frustrated, annoyed, upset – all the things – because we are focusing on the fact that this morning sucks and we are going to be late! We aren’t focused on being in the present. How you start your day is a good indication of how your day will go. Do you welcome your morning with open arms and a smile on your face? Or does it kick your ass? The choice is yours.

Morning routines are so important!!! So, how do you show up for yourself and have a GREAT morning every morning? I want to share three practices that I incorporate into my own life which have helped me leave the shitshow mornings in the past – where they will stay!

Practice #1

Plan the day before. Set yourself up for a successful morning by being prepared! Make a list, set out your outfit, put the coffee timer on, declutter – do whatever it is that will help you be more successful in crushing the morning rush.

Practice #2

Take some time for you. Set your alarm 15 – 30 minutes earlier than normal. Use this extra time for yourself – this could be sitting and enjoying your coffee, listening to a podcast, or working out. The idea here is to honour yourself as you start a new day. Take this time the way you want to! It’s your time, you have the choice to use this time in whichever way you want!

Practice #3

Give yourself enough time. Think about how long it takes you to complete each task in the morning – shower, hair, making coffee, getting dressed. Support yourself in what you want to accomplish as you start your day and allow enough time for it. Leave early, enjoy the drive without the stress of being late. YOU deserve to honour yourself by choosing enjoyment over stress.

Remember to choose YOU! You’re important – so show up for yourself and support yourself in filling up (however that may look for you) – because trust me, this will help you to be your best self!!

Did you learn anything new? Whether from this blog post or from COVID forcing us to change our daily lives? How are you showing up for yourself? Send us a message and let’s chat!


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