How You Can Start The Year Off With Intention Holding Onto Self-Care


My word for this year is breathe. I am starting off the year intentionally holding onto self-care. Selfcare is instrumental in keeping us well and doing all the things we do, however; so easily self-care takes a back seat or just flat out gets dropped as a way to fit all the other responsibilities in – does this sound familiar to you too?

This is an exciting time of year with so many possibilities & fresh ideas, intentions, and plans.

However, I can’t help but sit in reflection this year. Which is more intentional than it has been in previous years. This past year has taught so many hard and powerful lessons about so many things.

This past year taught us that slowing down isn’t the worst thing and that this ‘slow down’ has helped us shift our mindsets into more meaningful ways of how we spend our time.

This past year has forced us to refocus on how we do life in general. From working remotely, homeschooling, engaging in ‘staycations’ or exploring our own backyards to learning new and innovative ways of being or staying connecting with the family and friends that mean so much to us.

This is past year has been overwhelming and challenging to say the least yet it has been empowering, innovative, and meaningful in many ways as well.

As I embrace the word breathe I think about how powerful self-reflection can be so with this I will remind myself to ‘pause and reflect’. For me ‘breathe’ is a reminder to not take myself so seriously all the time and to expect good intentions from those around me.

Breathe is a powerful and intentional way to engage in taking care of myself by reminding myself that we are all built with the innate ability to survive by breathing yet how often do we mindfully connect with this magical process? (Check out these deep breathing exercises from Jasmine)

Breathe means self-care, love, and intention which is how I started my year but more importantly how I will move through my year as I strive to end 2021 stronger than I started.

Understanding the endless possibilities of a new year and the previous one thankfully in the rearview mirror getting further away – what will you take into this year and what will you ditch?

Perhaps there was hope that the new year would magically change and COVID would be left in 2020, however; as we are seeing this cannot be further from the truth. How can you take your learnings from last year and make this year more powerful, more connected, and more kickass? I know you learned so much about your world, your people, and most importantly about yourself, so let’s be real, we all learned something – embrace it and roll with it!

Selfcare looks different for all of us, what do you do and how does this fill you up? It’s important to take time for yourself so that you can continue to do all you do!!

Here are a few meaningful and instrumental things I do for self-care that help me show up for myself daily:

Morning and evening routines. Harnessing what I want for my day rather than my day kicking my ass. (Check out my blog on morning routines & evening routines)

Working out. This helps me to feel grounded and connected.

Sleep. It is instrumental in mental clarity, focus, and stability.

Whatever you do for selfcare, keep doing it.

Keep showing up for yourself!

And if you struggle in this department that’s okay, you’re not alone.

Try something new and see how it feels, if it’s a good fit and helps it’s truly amazing how easily we can make time for something that fills us up.

The most important part is making the decision to choose YOU and make time for YOU.

YOU matter and YOU deserve to connect to you.

Pause, reflect, and breathe.


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