The Most Powerful Thing You Can Do For Yourself


The story we tell becomes our reality – the words we use to tell these stories is the key to creating massive change. Changing one word that you tell yourself will be the most powerful thing you can do for yourself.

We are constantly telling stories about ourselves to ourselves. Every day we tell ourselves stories about our experiences and we also tell those stories to others around us.

If you’re wanting to create some change in your life, change your story. This doesn’t have to be a drastic over the top change, you don’t have to change the entire story all at once. Instead, change one word.

Sounds silly right?! Trust me, changing one word will help change your life, it will be transformative.

Check out my latest Coffee Talk where I go into more detail about the power of one word.

3 Steps to Creating some Change in your Life:

#1 Tune into the stories that you tell yourself…

When you say to yourself “I should be going to the gym 5 days a week” or “I should be able to manage my stress better” or “I should be able to be the parent I want to be” you’re creating a lot of expectation.

Words like should, can’t, or scary set high expectations for yourself and are grounded in perfectionism. (P.S. perfect is an illusion)

Listen to the stories you tell yourself. What is the word that you use the most? Is it should? Or can’t? Or do you frame everything in a way that is terrifying and scary? Listen closely to what stories you are telling yourself.

#2 Recreate your story…

Recreating your story doesn’t have to be this HUGE production, you don’t have to create a massive change of the whole story. But, you can create massive change by changing one word.

For example, change “I should be more intimate with my partner” to “I could be more intimate with my partner“.

What does this do? Changing the word should to could removes the shame, guilt, and feelings of not good enough to opening up opportunities, questions, and other possibilities.

How could I be more intimate?

What’s getting in the way of being intimate?

Here’s another example: Change “I can’t be the parent I want to be” to “I can be the parent I want to be“.

By changing the word you are opening up opportunities for questions and curiosity in the narrative that you tell yourself and others.

#3 Interrupt your story & hold yourself accountable

Catch yourself using “should” & quickly change it to “could“. Place sticky notes everywhere of the word you have chosen whether it be could or can. Stick it on the bathroom mirror, in your car, at your desk – wherever you spend most of your time.

Journal about the word – both the one you’ve been using and the new one you intend to use.

Hold yourself accountable to making this meaningful change in your life.


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