How you can Weather Through the Storms of Life.


In this life we are faced with many different types of storms that we weather, just look at this last year with all the chaos around Covid and restrictions. In this blog, I want to remind you of the tools you already have that will help you weather through any storms of life.

When we are in a storm it is hard to get grounded or find clarity when all we see are floods, debris, chaos, and tasks to deal with. I sometimes struggle to slow down enough within a storm to collect myself. I forget about all the skills I already have in my ‘toolbox’. Sometimes I will catch myself wishing I could just ask someone what I should do or how to know for sure what I am doing is the right decision, but then I remember that I do have someone. It’s me, I’m that someone.

I learned about a tool called Consulting your Consultant, a narrative therapy approach from the Vancouver School of Narrative Therapy. The idea is to check in with your future self for wisdom. Your future self has already weathered the storm, so they know the answers you’re looking for. This could be your future self a week from now, 6 months, or even years from today whichever version seems most applicable to your current situation.

You consult your older self as the expert. Ask them how they moved through the storm, what they learned along the way, and what it took, internally, to come out of the other side?

I find that when I consult my older self, I get reminded of the inner capability and wisdom that has helped me weather storms before. I am reminded that those same skills can be used again to get through the current storm I am facing.

How do I do this?

I grab a journal and write a dialog with my older self or I will go for a walk and talk out my consultation with my older self.

I am always shocked what my older self can remind me of, and how much the storm has fogged my memory of really amazing skills and abilities that I already have to work through this.

I find that when I take this time to consult my consultant the storm does not seem so overwhelming and I have found a lamp that will assist me through the storm.


Journal Questions

  1. Older self how did you get through this current storm? What advice would you give me to get through this storm in a good way?
  2. What steps can I take now based on the expert advice from my older self?
  3. What did I learn about myself through this process of consulting my consultant?
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