Take Back Your Life

We’ll journey the path with you

Gaining Control Starts With Change

Re-establishing control in your life means dealing with past pain, trauma, and the damage of previous relationships. That takes time, work and fresh perspectives to establish new coping mechanisms and abilities to transition from fear and powerlessness to growth and strength.

It also means changing current behaviours, habits, and tendencies that are preventing you from truly healing.It’s not easy, but it is possible and completely worth it.

You deserve to have a life you can grab hold of and manage with complete confidence.

If you’re like us, you want to fee confident in achieving your goals, dreams and aspirations. As women, we know how life can make you feel small and leave you feeling that hiding is the best survival strategy.

Here at Eterna, we get it.

We partner with you to create the life you want and deserve. With over 35 years of combined experience, we bring our A game to each session. We have not only walked our own healing and empowering path, we’ve helped thousands of people liberate themselves from fear, anxiety and insecurity for the past ten years.

We are passionate about helping clients transform their lives from insecurity to empowered. We know the way and are excited to partner with you so that you can live the life you deserve.

How we live into our values

Work hard, live well – we work really really hard, we aim for excellence in all we do, we get dirty if necessary, we are high achievers, we get the job done no matter what, we are badasses and own it  – we crush it at work and when we’re not at work, we live well and connect to our personal values and relationships. We can only work hard if we live well.

You can sit with us – we are an inclusive company and community, we stand against oppression of marginalized people and are active advocates towards equity and safety, we serve a diverse community and we are a reflection of this diversity. Everyone is welcome to sit with us and there is always a place at our table.

Better than yesterday – we are growth minded, self-aware, open to feedback, self-starters and life long learners. We geek out on self-development and cheer each other on as we work towards our personal and professional goals. We show up ready to be better than yesterday and are committed to ongoing growth, development and new ideas.

Plan to succeed – we are intentional and results driven, we set clear expectations and plan before we act – we can achieve anything with focus and a road map. We support each other in our plans to succeed and celebrate each win along the way.

We are servant leaders – leadership comes with respect and humility, we focus on how can we help, we show up with a servant heart, we give 100% to all that we do and show up as our best self for others. We know our gifting and what we’re good at, while celebrating others’ gifting and skills.

We choose joy – every freaking day we choose joy, we hold a positive and loving outlook in our work and towards each other, we ground ourselves in gratitude, we bring amazing energy to our day and to those we serve, we manifest joy within ourselves and share it with others, we choose laughter and joy because we know that amongst the darkness of our days we can create light. We hold each other in our difficulties and allow space for the hardship in life – and we choose what slice of joy we can claim.

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